Is Fear of God an Adidas Brand?

Is Fear of God an Adidas Brand?


Fear of God is a highly influential brand in the fashion industry. This article clarifies the relationship between Fear of God and Adidas.

Independent Brand

Fear of God is not an Adidas brand. It is an independent fashion label founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2013. Known for its luxury streetwear, Fear of God Essentials has carved out its own niche in the fashion world, distinct from other brands.

Collaborations with Adidas

While Fear of God is an independent brand, it has collaborated with Adidas. In December 2020, Jerry Lorenzo announced a long-term partnership with Adidas. This collaboration focuses on basketball and activewear, leveraging Lorenzo’s design expertise and Adidas’ athletic heritage.

Previous Collaborations

Before partnering with Adidas, Fear of God had a successful collaboration with Nike. This collaboration produced several popular sneaker designs and apparel, further establishing Fear of God’s presence in the fashion and sportswear markets.

Brand Identity

Fear of God’s identity is rooted in its unique blend of luxury, streetwear, and minimalist design. The brand is recognized for its high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Collaborations with major sportswear brands like Adidas enhance its reach but do not change its status as an independent label.

Impact of the Adidas Collaboration

The collaboration between Fear of God and Adidas has had a significant impact on both brands. For Fear of God, this partnership provides an opportunity to reach a broader audience and introduce its design philosophy to the sportswear market. For Adidas, the collaboration brings a fresh perspective and high fashion credibility to its product lineup.

Product Releases

Under the Fear of God and Adidas partnership, several notable products have been released. These include basketball sneakers, performance apparel, and lifestyle pieces that blend Fear of God’s aesthetic with Adidas’ functional expertise. These products have been well-received by both fashion enthusiasts and athletes, showcasing the synergy between the two brands.

Market Reception

The market reception to Fear of God’s collaboration with Adidas has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans of Fear of God appreciate the brand’s expansion into sportswear, while Adidas customers are drawn to the unique and stylish designs brought by Jerry Lorenzo. The collaboration has also attracted attention from media and influencers, further boosting its visibility and success.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the partnership between Fear of God and Adidas holds great potential for future growth. Continued collaboration could lead to more innovative and groundbreaking designs, further solidifying Fear of God’s influence in the fashion and sportswear industries. Additionally, this partnership could pave the way for other independent brands to collaborate with major sportswear companies, creating new opportunities for creative expression and market expansion.


In conclusion, Fear of God is not an Adidas brand; it is an independent fashion label founded by Jerry Lorenzo. However, Fear of God has collaborated with Adidas, focusing on basketball and activewear. This partnership allows Fear of God to extend its influence in the sportswear market while maintaining its identity as a luxury streetwear brand.

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